Easy and Cheap Home Projects That Can Help You Sell Quickly

When selling a house, most of us know that it is important to put your best foot forward. Services like professional staging have become increasingly common, but they can be very pricey for those on a budget. Luckily, there are a few easy projects you can tackle at very little cost, allowing you to save your money for your new home.


Deep Clean

Getting out the cleaning supplies can feel less exciting than getting out the DIY tools, but it can do more for your home’s value. A home that is messy or dusty gives buyers the impression that it’s too difficult to upkeep, and can send them running right away. However, a simple everyday wipedown isn’t enough. You want your home to not just be clean, but immaculate.

Some people opt to hire a professional cleaner. While this is a great option if you can afford it, not everyone can shell out for a deep clean. In order to save money, it’s best to dedicate several days to a DIY deep cleaning process. All you need is a house cleaning checklist and some reliable tools like quality cleaning products, rags, and a sturdy vacuum. If you don’t have one that fits the bill already, consider purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner to help you in this and future deep cleans. A cordless vacuum makes it easier to tackle stairs and hard-to-reach spaces without being tethered to an outlet. Check out reviews before you buy so you get the best bang for your buck.

Once you finish with the deep clean, you can’t rest on your laurels. Daily cleanings are a must, particularly when showings become a regularity. Try to stick to a routine so that you can stay on top of keeping things tidy.



A lack of space is the most common reason people give for moving, which perhaps goes toward explaining why smart and ample storage is one of the key things homebuyers look for. Excessive clutter immediately sends the message that the house lacks storage space.

As with the cleaning, it’s not about presenting the house as it is in day-to-day life. You want to be selling the best possible version of your home. This means hiding away all the assorted knick-knacks that accumulate in a house throughout the year. This guide by Apartment Therapy covers the most important areas to declutter for a sale.

It’s not enough to just stuff it all in a cupboard: buyers will be looking into your storage spaces, so your clutter needs to really be out of the way. Take the opportunity to get rid of anything you don’t need or use, and start packing the rest in boxes for the upcoming move.

Pro tip: The best time to tackle decluttering step is right before your deep clean. You can easily become overwhelmed if you do both at once, and leaving it for after a deep clean is counter-productive.


Easy Landscaping

Curb appeal is important, and giving your house a good first impression does not have to be expensive. In fact, over-the-top landscaping is listed as one of the worst investments you can make to a house you intend to sell. After all, buyers don’t want to deal with the costs to upkeep a yard they didn’t create.

Instead, opt for low-maintenance and cheap additions to boost your curb appeal. Start by doing some basic garden maintenance: mow the lawn, trim hedges and bushes, and plant a few flower beds. Then, you could consider a simple DIY project like repainting your front door or installing a new house number.

Chances are, you don’t have to do much to your home to help it sell quickly. If it is mostly free of faults, then it will sell relatively easily in a hot market. If there are larger structural or aesthetic issues, you will most likely be able to sell it to someone who is looking for a fixer-upper. Either way, a little DIY staging goes a long way in giving buyers the right impression. This only takes a few days at most and is easy to do on a budget, but it’s guaranteed to make your home look spacious and attractive.

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